Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eirtakon Info

Well I better start updating this thing again since I've handed out my small business card with both my website address! and this blog!!!

So for the moment I'll just state this!!!!!!
The website is online (KINDA!!!) It has gone back to the drawing board due to technical issues,
So at the moment consists of just a photo of my I.T man David Kerr! at some Microsoft expo of his or something.
I'm going to push both the website and the pictures to be ready within two weeks for you all.
They'll be hosted on my website so I'll mention here when they're ready.
I'm busy in the coming weeks with some shoots!

Since I'm now advertising this blog on both my business card and website, I'm just gonna have to update this thing every two days!!!! (Watch how long that lasts)
And I swear I will talk about nothing but my technique, followed by a ramble on something.

Stay frosty true believers and follow me on Twitter will you!!!!

P.S I had fun at the con,