Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogitty blog

Greetings once again, I find myself at my desk unwilling to start work so I thought I'd check this whole blog thing that I so easily give up on.

I've been working with my Yashica D a lot recently casting my 1Ds MKIII aside for a camera built in I'm guessing the 1970's
I've been working on two projects, one for an assignment with hopeful magazine submission, (I've got my fingers crossed for BLOW)

It involves me photographing people in secret in Dublin for the kicks but has since evolved into documenting the moment in time where we drift away from reality into our imaginations, we're all guilty of this as it happens all the time be it on the bus or merely on the street.
Out of the two personal projects this is the one that interests me more.
Current body of work is 16 images-Will be reduced!!

Finally the second piece is one I shot a month ago and even had developed, I've only gotten around to producing prints from those negatives this weekend.
I haven't shared the shots around with my College friends due to the nature of the images.
I'm not one who is insanely into the whole sexy images thing!
In fact some of those people weird me out I always picture socially awkward fat people jerking of in a corner of a room instead of going out into daylight.

This was actually the first true nude shoot I've ever actually done, the others before were fake nude as I had the model wearing a bra but hide it with arms or bedsheets.
Other people whom I know who've done nude work focus more on the tits, ass, and vagina in the image.
I want to draw the viewers eyes else where for that.
I don't think I'll have a large amount of work from this work ready in time for the deadline and out of 6 rolls I'm only happy with 5 shots!
This might be some stuff I can use for a summer exhibition.
I don't have great scans of this work as I've never really worked majorly with film before so scanning involves me using my colleges neg scanner, but if I want this printed well I need to get some decent scans done and the only place I know that do that is in Belfast looks like a road trip is in store for me this new years day.
But I have done some post work on the scans I currently have.
If anyone actually reads this thing don't think I'm hot shit! These have been touched up! and are the only half decent ones the rest are pretty bad.

I also need to assemble some more models, looks like I have to start using Model Mayhem again. God I hate that thing!