Monday, June 21, 2010

Blackest Night

As I sit here actually planning out and making my website that I have been talking about for years,
I still can’t help but slide into my old ways of just giving up and moving onto something else only to abandon that only half done.
But these things must be done and I’m quite surprised how much I’m enjoying it.
Anywho since I’m a Photographer I going to guess what you want to see in this blog is me talking about photoesque stuff and of course what I have shot lately.

I guess I must conform with the masses, I swore I’d never blog! Even when I lived in Japan I never blogged even though every white guy over there does.

Just going through some model head/full body shots I did for a models portfolio, not exactly the glamours life I led but it pays.

Before I made it to the studio I dropped into Chapters on Pearse Street and picked up a fantastic book of B/W portraits by the Photographer Clay Enos, I can’t recommend that book enough fantastic shots. I should really mention what the book is called: Watchmen Portraits. It’s a lovely large hardcover book containing shots of all the actors of the Watchmen movie, even some props are documented in the book.

Back to my story and enough of the micro review, I guess after looking at the book so soon before the shoot it must have influenced me as I started using a white background that was light with two lights at +2 Stops over the exposure of the model without even thinking why.
Then using two lights with spill attachments which in turn used two white umbrella reflectors to give me some soft spread out light.

What I got out using that equipment was of course an insanely over exposed image, BUT!!!! I was planning for that!
Here is the original and of course the edited final piece

Before you even think “that must have taken hours in photoshop”
Nope not at all at most 20 mins, Most of my editing is done in the Camera Raw window that I open from Bridge then the only edits that I ever do in photoshop really is just simple old spot removal, patching, and of course resizing the images plus the addition of a border when printing.

I was quite happy with the days work I did yesterday, not happy with the all nighter I pulled to get them done, I don’t like this whole sleep during the day and work in the night buzz I’m on at the moment.

All the photos from that shoot I have added into the web sites
beta photo section, I have no idea how large I can make
it but I’m also quite lazy in order to go through all my old
photos of the past six/seven years and figure out which to

I’ll get it done by the next blog post I swear!!!

(Never gonna happen)

On non photo based news, the new Scott Pilgram trailer came out and I can’t stop myself from watching it at least once every two hours or so. Now that is the sign of a damn good trailer. Not to sound like a giddy school girl “I sooo can’t wait for this movie and the final book”

Hopefully the next post will be in two days.

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