Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cupcakes aint for fools!

I freaking hate working with cupcakes, they must be the most annoying things in the world to shoot.
So last night I was of course worrying about a job I had to get done in order to make some dough because with all the stuff I bought recently I certainly need it.
So like I was trying to say I was up last night baking cupcakes which is surprisingly easy.
What is not so easy is decorating them I must have gone through 15 cupcakes before I gave up and just went out shopping the next day in the search for cupcakes to shoot.

I think I found cupcakes that should do the job perfectly,
(They’re in the image above.)

What is not fun of course is shooting the bloody things which is what I did today at the studio and never before in my life have I found an object/piece of food so difficult to light.

I shot them on some white perspex along with a nice porcelain
candle stand that I had brought from my house, Combined with
the perspex it gave me some a lovely soft look around the edges
of the stand.

Of course I used my all time favorite studio lens for this shoot
my beautiful 50mm f/1.8
Good god I love that lens. With it’s low f-stop I got a nice wide
depth of field onto the subject and thusly only the first cupcake is
slightly in focus where as the rest blur out the further out you go.

(Basic photography here people, I should charge for lessons.)

Of course getting six different interesting shots of these cupcakes
was another trial I had to get through which is why I wasted
three hours inside the studio today just to get this done.

But now that I have it out of the way all I have to do now is to
mount the images onto some foam board and collect my sweet
sweet cash. Of course I also forgot that tomorrow is a bank
holiday so I doubt I will be dropping these off tomorrow.
Nor Collecting cash :(

Also on Friday I have to go the black loft to hang up some of my work for an eexhibtion that is on during this weekend.
I have two set pieces of work on display
The first being a set of some 8x9in images of people whom cloak themselves in fantasy whilst interacting with the real world.
I'm not the best at explaining it but the pictures speak for themselves.
The secod set is some b/w white work i shot of the Dublin Docklands this last November using Medium format.
Come on come all to see the work!!!

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