Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Already I am not having fun doing this blog. I have been thinking about doing this post for two days but I just kept coming up with new things to distract my attention away.
But alas it is Wednesday which means that I must get some work done in order to feed myself and junk.

Boo to all that I say, whatever happened to just killing people for stuff?

The exhibition during the weekend went very, very well and I must give some great credit to Brenda the exhibitioner of the event who did a bang up job promoting the show and getting sponsors and all that other exhibitioner junk.

The venue itself was lovely a nice big open space, normally now a lot of new gallery's and halls are new and have the awful pure white modernist look about them.
I for one can't stand that look. Just seems to controlling for my taste.
But this place "Black Loft" was absolutely perfect and for sure I will be using it again in the future if I can as it is really close to where I live and quite near the city centre so it makes it easy for all.

But for now I must get back to work.
I have a meeting with a web designer this weekend to sort out what I want for my website and I guess I have to pay the guy :(
Plus I have to get some Wedding stuff finished by the end of the week in order to send it to the printers in time for the deadline.

God gone are the humdrum days I used to have where I just watched TV.
I used to be cool.

On the plus side all my old friends seem to be getting Fat!
Kieran Broderick +1
That's what happens to stupid people!

Man this blog is very random I didn't even talk about any pictures I took

I took this photo along with a series of model shots over the weekend for a model looking for a decent set of portfolio shots to show agency's.
The image above is my personal fav that I took that day. So much so that I have put it into one of my new business card designs that I have just today finished and hopefully tomorrow I'll send the order through.
Also on that day (Sunday) I learned the greatness of having a make-up artist at a shoot no matter what.
I kept this shoot bare bones and only used one light, granted it was a softbox but still that only counts as one light.
Thanks to the black background the green parts of her outfit and hair really stand out more.
The soft blueish filter is something I applied in the post work stage.

I hope this women appreciates the work I put in.
Who am I kidding they never do!

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  1. I really like that picture of the model. She kinda reminds me of an anime character. I really like the angle and the colours.